About us

About Us

I have been selling travel as an independent home-based agent for almost ten years. The first few years I concentrated on cruises and learned as much as I could about cruising. I went through the CLIA certification courses and have earned my ECC, Elite Cruise Counselor, which is their highest level of certification. During the past few years, I have been selling more land trips and tours, including all-inclusives and hosted tours. I have also traveled on and have become interested in River Cruising. I am planning to get out and travel as much as possible in the future!


Cabo San Lucas, California, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Europe, Florida , Germany, Great Britain, Hawaii, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, Nevada , New York, Panama, San Francisco, Seattle, South America, The Islands of Tahiti, United States


All-Inclusive Resorts, Cruise Groups, Cruises (Ocean), Cruises (River), Cruises (Small Ships), Hotel & Resort Getaways, World Cruises